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Unit. 4 - Final Report

Activity 2

In this activity, we should improve and finalize all our learning objects into a learning module, according to the comments and reviews we received from Prof. Morten and from other students, compiling, refining and expanding the three learning objects we have done so far.

To improve my learning objects about the three topics, I decided to follow the suggestions that I received. I considered these contributions very useful and valuable to improve my work. One suggestion was to add an introduction to my learning objects explaining my intentions with them. Other suggestion was related to the text and the music of my last learning object. In my first version was hard to read all the text of my learning object and the music was considered one distraction. Therefore, I increased the number of scenes, reducing the text of the balloons and eliminated the music. I also have seen the work of my colleagues to compare and improve my work, learning with their work.

When I did my learning objects my intention was to do a learning resource that explains the topics in a clear way and objective but interesting to motivate the readers about these issues. I think this type of resource catches more attention from the people who see it because the visual memory retains a largest number of information than the hearing sense.

Cooperative freedom

I used the

Online Teaching Techniques

I used the a powerpoint presentation at and the images are from Fotosearch.

Transparency in Online Education 2º Versão by Manuel1974

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

I used the

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